SBB Ammer Canarias S.L. works efficiently since 1987 on Tenerife. Our team helps you from the planification up to the fulfilling of projects and, of course, also the maintenance. Our principles are the following:

Association and Environment
With clean water and pure air responsibility conscience we elaborate and deliver exclusive high quality products.

Respecting every collaborator´s capacity and personality we work as a team for the benefit of our customer. With permanent technical evolution we imporove our workers´ achievements.

We are able to offer a useful and reliable service due to our social cooperation with the contractor.

Technical Service
We can guarantee our customers a 365 days-a-year insurance with technicians. Thanks to our stock we assure the functioning of our asistance equipment.

Company Strategy
All collaborators and distributors of our company orientate towards our customers.
Each and every one of them works with full knowledge and potency
A change is only necessary if improvement is achieved.

SBB AMMER Canarias S.L. C/. Tasaigo 9 38626 La Camella Tenerife Arona