In half an hour the sun radiates as much energy on the earth as is burnt worldwide in one year. An incredible waste, regarding increasing environmental problems and at the same time wasting of fossil fuels reserves.

The sun offers a close to inexhaustible lot of energy, without contaminant and totally free of charge.

With solar plants its possible to benefit from this potential capacity; for instance on service water production or heating installation assistance.

Each square meter of our inserted high-performance solar panels, which heat service water, assist heating installations or temper your swimming pool, decreases CO-concentration in the atmosphere in similar quantity to a healthy mixed forest with an area of 250 m

If you wish to:

  • Keep ecological damage low

  • Preserve resources

  • Reduce your energy costs

Then our solar plants are exactly what you need!

We offer you:

  • Reasonably priced, high quality, German brand production

  • Solar plants for warm water procreation and heating installation assistance

  • Calorific value central heating boiler

  • Professional montage

  • Professional service

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